Rightly [Single] (feat. Marcellus Coleman)

J.Lee The Producer

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A soulful ballad proclaiming who God is and what He has done.

J.Lee The Producer has more than ten years of experience as a music producer and sound engineer, 7 years of experience as an actor on stage and on camera; Joshua Norman has successfully and effectively built an impressive resume that backs his moniker J.Lee The Producer.

Marcellus “Mars” Coleman was born, and spent the first year of his life, in Everett, Washington. He, his parents, and his three brothers moved to and grew in California. It is here that Mars grew in charisma, ministry, and musicianship. Mars went to a performing arts school, traveled with and directed choirs and worship teams, contributed to music projects/recordings, and traveled internationally with leadership teams. Further growth ensued when Mars moved from his family in California to the unknown that awaited in Oklahoma. Now, Mars is known in the Oklahoma City area as a dynamic worship leader and profound songwriter.

In collaboration with the soulful sound of J.Lee The Producer, Marcellus has written a song in direct response to who God is and what He has done. The two join to create a sound that is timeless with lyrics that proclaim the goodness of God.

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