Ten years of experience as a music producer and sound engineer, 7 years of experience as an actor on stage and on camera; Joshua Norman has successfully and effectively built an impressive resume that backs his moniker J.Lee The Producer. 

Born to humble beginnings in Midland, Texas, Joshua understood the importance of hard work, determination, and dedication.  Artistic creativity and the skill to play football were always abilities innate to him.  While a teenager, he excelled on the field and also began to write poetry. He was an exceptional player which led him to receiving a football scholarship to play for the University of Oklahoma. While he was a standout player for the university, his natural creative ability also began to mature. 

As a freshman in college, he watched others play the piano and afterwards would practice what he saw them play. Once he learned the basics, he used his poetry writing skills to compose songs that would accompany his playing.  In his junior year, he had the opportunity to record a song at the studio of a childhood friend, Savoy "Icee" Smith of Icee Studios. The day after composing, writing and producing his first song, he realized that he loved the process.  After a year had passed, he was given the opportunity to record another song.


Eventually Joshua’s football achievements in college would lead him to a career in the National Football League with the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers.  He received a $10,000 signing bonus, and immediately bought a keyboard workstation, speakers, and headphones.  Outside of football practice and team meetings, music was all he wanted to think about and experience. The process of composing music and structuring songs became his addiction.


The majority of his NFL off-season was team training and his pursuit of music. Joshua knew that after football, music production was the career path he would choose. Upon retiring from the NFL, Joshua fully immersed himself in his passion of creating music that inspires others.  Since directing his own path in the music industry J.Lee The Producer has engineered, composed, produced and written numerous albums and commercials.  He has also performed more than 30 times in major theater productions and has played significant roles in 2 feature films and 2 independent films and television.  The present and the future are bright for J.Lee The Producer, J.Lee Productions and any artist or company that may partner with him.

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